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Scoring Dual Meets

Scoring Dual Meets

Individual Events: (only two swimmers per team may score points)

1st - 5 points

2nd - 3 points

3rd - 1 point

Relays: (only one relay per team may score points)

1st - 7 points

2nd - 3 points

Exhibition Events: Do not score points 


Ties (Example for first place tie):


1st place 5 points age 14

2nd place +3 points 8 points 4 points go to each team

The next place is awarded 3rd place points.

Relays: 1st place 7 points

2nd place +3 points 10 points 5 points go to each team.

Sweep: No team can score first, second and third place points in an individual event; nor can a team score first and second place points in a relay event. If one team takes first and second place in a relay event; or first, second and third place in an individual event the opposing team can receive second place points in the relay, or third place points in the individual event as long as they have a relay or swimmer legally complete the race. However, the team can receive both first and second place ribbons for relays; or first, second and third place ribbons for individual events.

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