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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost to join the Woodfield Waves?

    The registration fee for the team is $130 for the first swimmer in your family (age 12 and younger), $115 for a second child and $100 for all additional children. For swimmers ages 13 and up the fee is $25. Each swimmer that will participate in any meets during the season must also register with the ASA (see below). There is also an additional fee for swimmers who do not live in Woodfield or are not part of the association (see below).

    Do I have to live in Woodfield to join the Woodfield Waves Swim Team?

    No. Our team is open to all swimmers, but there is a fee of $25 per family for non-Woodfield residents or families who are not outside members of the Woodfield HOA. 

    Do you give swim lessons for children who cannot swim?

    The main goal of swim team is to work with the kids who are on the team and who compete in weekly meets. We are one of the only teams in the area that offer "swim lessons" to younger children during our team practices. We usually accept kids for these lessons on a child-by-child basis. One thing we would consider is if your child is willing to do the lessons. Our coaches do their best, but if a child is very resistant to getting in the water and will be kicking and screaming for more than a day or two, our lessons would not be a good fit. Something else to keep in mind is these are not swim lessons like what you get at Sea Ventures or Swim Atlanta. The lessons are taught by teenagers who are on swim team and are hired as junior coaches. They will work with the kids one at a time with the goal of getting them comfortable in the water, blowing bubbles, swimming to the edge, and jumping in from the side. Please keep in mind they are not "trained professionals," but kids who have been swimming for many years and who we feel work well with young children. All that being said, your child would be able to have a thirty minute lesson, five days a week for seven weeks, and that is a hard deal to beat! The cost to join the team is $130, which is what you would pay, but you would not need to join ASA (Atlanta Swim Association which costs $28) or need to buy a team swim suit. 

    What is ASA and why do I have to join?

    The Woodfield Waves swim team is a part of the Atlanta Swim Association. The ASA sets our meet schedule and provides referees for our meets. They also organize and run the end of season county meet at Georgia Tech. Every swimmer who will swim in a meet must join ASA. Registration for 2018 is $28 if you register by April 14. The first late fee applies to those who register after April 15 and that will be $37 per swimmer (a $9 late fee). Registrations after June 1 will be $42 per swimmer (a $14 late fee). Once you register with the Woodfield Waves you agree to join ASA and pay for it during your online registration for the team. Once your register your child(ren) for the Woodfield Waves, the team is automatically billed for your ASA fee. This ASA fee is not refundable and you will be asked to pay it, even if you change your mind.

    Do I have to buy a team swim suit for my child?

    It's not mandatory but it looks nice for our team. You can see a picture of the team suit and details about purchasing one under the "Swim Suits" tab on this website.

    My child is going to miss practice.  Is that okay?

    Yes. We understand you will have a conflict, a vacation or illness during swim season.   We do not keep attendance and will not keep a child out of a meet for missing practice. If your child is going to miss a meet, though, please RSVP on our website under the Swim Meets tab. Please let us know by 5pm the day before the meet.

    Why do the coaches offer private lessons?  Isn’t that what practice is for?

    Swim team practice is different from swim lessons. Practice moves quickly and there are a lot of kids in the pool at once. Our coaches want to get everyone in the water and swimming as much as possible during practice. When they notice something that needs to be corrected during practice, they will point it out, but it is hard to spend individual time with one child during practice. Fortunately, most problems can often be corrected quickly and with individual attention. Therefore, our coaches offer private swim lessons to help those who want extra attention. As a comparison: Four, thirty minute small group swim lessons at SeaVentures would cost about $64. During swim team your child will be swimming five days a week for seven weeks, for thirty or forty-five minutes for $130.

    Why don't you offer evening practices?

    Many people have suggested we hold evening practices. We realize other neighborhoods offer this and that not all kids who would like to participate in swim team can make morning practices. At this time, we are not able to offer evening practices, due to coaches' schedules and the fact that the Woodfield Pool is open to its members and residents in the evenings. The Woodfield Pool is open daily for its members from 6:00 AM-10:00 PM, but the Woodfield HOA closes the pool and allows our team to practice from 8:00-11:00 AM each morning during the season.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    We understand sometimes things don't work out or a child changes his or her mind. Please contact our committee to request a refund ( Please keep in mind our team is billed for the ASA dues immediately after you register your child, so those fees are never refundable and if you have not paid them, we will request that you do. If you request a refund before June 1, you will receive a full refund, less your ASA dues and a $10 cancellation fee. If you request a refund after June 1, you will receive 50% of your registration fee and will forfeit your ASA dues. No refunds will be given after June 1 for children ages 13 and up.

    Please contact Crystal Pelkey at with any other questions.

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