One last email... :)

    Hey Waves, 

    Hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer, it sure does fly by too fast. I meant to send this email out when I got back in town but life has been busy. 

    Congrats to our kids who swam at the ASA Divisional meet on June 29th. It was a long meet and everyone swam their hearts out. Jessie and Tristan Ganson qualified for finals so they swam on Saturday as well - way to go!

    Here are the links for all of the wonderful pictures that Brian Gore took throughout the season. From Brian: "parents can reach out to me directly if they want any / all photos of their kids ("
    Thank you again, Brian, for all of these great pictures - we are so lucky to have you!
    The John's Creek Fire Dept returned a bowl with a serving spoon from the food we gave them after our team banquet. If you think these might be yours, please let me know.
    That's it, thank you for a wonderful season, have a great rest of your summer, and we'll see you next year!
    Thanks, Crystal
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